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A Client-Centered, Innovative Approach

Innovation is the name of Sieco-Tech’s game. From our company’s infancy, we’ve made a commitment to deep, client-focused engagement with the sub-metering industry.

Our clients have an important responsibility on their shoulders. As technology enables us to do more and more each day, our clients want solutions that make their experiences with sub-metering efficient, easy, and excellent.

Sieco-Tech is here to answer the call. We challenge ourselves, put in the work, and stride forward with determination to offer our clients the solutions they wish for in their dreams.

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No Less than Excellence

We’re a team of highly-focused, detail-oriented, dedicated individuals who hold our work to the highest standards. There isn’t a single aspect of building a meter we don’t consider with intense scrutiny to ensure our clients get the best of the best.

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Better Batteries

The batteries used in Sieco-Tech meters last ten years longer than that of the competition.

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Robust Materials

We use the highest-quality materials to produce meter hardware, ensuring meters are robust and less prone to external damage.

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Data Security

Sub-meters handle a lot of confidential information. We don’t cut any corners when it comes to keeping information safe, ensuring that all data is properly encrypted and can’t be accessed by any unauthorized parties.

Constantly Lowering Costs

Sieco-Tech's clients know that we put continuous emphasis on creating solutions that lower costs for clients without compromising on quality. Sieco-Tech offers the lowest prices per meter point in Canada, and innovative meter designs that empower clients with flexibility in making purchasing decisions so they aren't paying for more equipment than they can actually utilize. Saving clients money isn't incidental to our business, it's a priority.

A Relationship You Can Count On

Meters aren't the only thing Sieco-Tech offers your business: a relationship with us is a powerful asset. We go above and beyond to answer every question, solve every problem, and attend to every concern our clients voice to us. Your business comes first, and we put in the time and dedication to show it.