Sieco-Tech offers advanced technological and design consultation services to ensure that our clients are fully knowledgeable about the latest and greatest design options, features, communication solutions, security capabilities, and the most valuable best practices available on the worldwide market.

Meters are often implemented in large scale deployments, and hence ensuring that our clients pay only for what they really need is always important step for us. Therefore, we walk our clients through the Requirements Discovery Process to determine the true and actual need of our clients prior to finalizing product design. Once we gather all client’s requirements, a prototype is built for our client to demo. We always encourage our clients to setup a test environment for a final solution, and utilize a Proof of Concept process before the client gives Sieco-Tech the final go ahead to start producing and manufacturing the best products to meet the client’s needs.

Sieco-Tech will always ensure that the client’s communication compliances are met. SyFuse enables our meters to work with some of the world’s largest smart grid solution providers, such as Cisco. We work within many geographically diverse jurisdictions in order to ensure product communication compliances in many locales. We work with several partners to provide several communication solutions such as PRIME-PLC and G3-PLC as well as a variable baud-rate dual-Phy (RF-Mesh, PLC-Mesh) solution.

Examples of our products include:

Multiple Customer Metering System

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Three-phase Multi-Function PLC Prepaid Electronic Meter

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Three-Phase Multi-Functional Cell Ready Net Electronic Meter

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